09802019/12/13 14:39:27
Sophisticated scientific knowledge of the city. I would like to study them words and to speak precisely with them. To already learn a person, global. Man dead. I do not consider it necessary to have training from an urban person. His own knowledge of 0 creating the planet.

Kyle_with_science_project_board2019/12/13 15:15:08
Look at my photo. And to become a good person, when the trouble has come to your house. I will not refuse them, and I can work at a military factory if trouble has come to my house.

769529e851ebfed827182b5f3f00a5ee2019/12/13 17:47:53
Always look at these stones from the mountains. Thinking people were doing metal processing. Changed their size more beautifully. To create the god of the planets, the god of the universe. And never understand that in outer space, for people, God himself painted this stone. And asked to change his drawing is better for people. A change in the stone in the iron and not produce. At the same time, metal production was used only to improve visibility, better understanding of people in the city, without devices. A simple look at the computer monitor. Understanding the text of everything as nothing from all people inclusive.

liberty science center2019/12/13 19:18:11
In the new years. Was created for all people, the invisible mind, not man. So that if everyone dies, people will stay alive with him. 5% and secret people 15% have it. In the future, he will live 100%. Our planet descended from orbit and people were able to live again in space. It is not on the moon or Mars. He has a mind in pure black outer space. All our people.

beautiful kids2019/12/14 15:27:28
You can look real city on her photo and just as you do the work. Her parents do not mind that strangers will talk about her. She was born this brain. I did not refuse the plant of rays, I gave a photo here. Sex, completely, the one that I like with other men. Totally my whole body and brain. I am a child. I follow all your orders. I will let you die in your orders. Let me be taken to the factory to work.

Meteorite Chondrite2019/12/14 16:54:09
People could not allow existence. 1 cities of all bad people at that time. They were able to leave to live. And do not become arrested in large numbers. The test is that to kill the brain of all people to vote the war. And kill the people in the war. Moreover, there was no professional form. Secret factory, fulfillment of their desires. The desires of the whole people. And without a professional they will become steel. The desire of the whole people of death to all people began to be made.

20002019/12/14 17:23:22
We are awaiting a response from the enemy. We will soon begin to do the real thing from the punishment system. We give people life. Or the punishment of imprisoning me to live. We will do the minimum and the maximum. Living and working in a factory of good people increases%. no response from the enemy.

einstein equivalence principle quantum realm formula2019/12/19 13:14:26
I wish to buy an expensive rare building. And I wish to kill this building. The priest forbade the killing of this house. I have a more costly decision to kill this house with a military priest. He permits me. And kill desire is the order of a good priest. He is not right. This is probably the right business, he allows a military commander to kill a priest his work for profit.

mao2019/12/19 14:37:00
I would like to become a smart person. To always forbid me all. And as the enemies indicated, I spoke and did with all my brain. Real city work 1 on the planet. And here he writes and reads the text in it. Computer work was not all of you. 1 and historical on the planet. Then write and read the words. Copy of 10,000 people. And they all write and read the words here. I do not want to become a smart person. He gives all orders to the brain, he always gives me bad ones. And the bones of the body and meat breaks and believes it has every day. Who wants to be a smart person? And we all knew who created you. I always killed you. You are created by me so that I will always give you blood and death.

circle2019/12/19 16:14:09
I order the building of the television center to fulfill the orders of bad people. The cost of civilized work is large. Costly air of outer space. The cost of work, large size, ordered not to be damaged. Weapons will be sent to the enemy, a more dangerous and greater cost of work done.

think2019/12/19 18:21:43
Strong winds blow on our planet. Snow. It is expensively done. Planets in creation. All those systems. equal cost, as with us. You can watch a lot how a planet is created in real time in space. This is the movement of their many rays. Always, every minute the rays move in different directions. The wind blows on the planets with us and snow. And the seas in the ocean. The difference, you can say no. The composition of the rays is completely unknown in the city of all types. What metal, what is needed for. Soil, inside the earth, soil. those rays of those colors were equal.

1706152019/12/20 17:27:50
Understand the mind of the universe. What controls you cosmos. decides what to do. I was born on this planet, to understand that I live and die, not a stupid person, but smart. I made space. I built the planets. I have made a lot of profit and smart development of the universe. And I can die. All those planets were personally made by me. I can show this video and the structure of all the planets present behind it.

rtx216zd2019/12/20 19:37:01
I said that I intend to keep the promise. And all kinds of death do. And go to the criminal factory to work. He doesn’t believe that everyone wrote in simple words, and no one ever truly did it. These words and all real all kinds of death have become in the future. My video, it's true.

main-qimg-369b1ba46387dba7368fea51eb0a5c6c-c2019/12/22 19:03:26
The enemy gives us urban-based weapons. Which allows us to kill us all, even today for real. City soldier orders strong words to repeat after him in the brain. to execute, do. This weapon allows us to kill all of us, to take our lives. Right now. He spent his life on these words. The enemy sees the system. For 50 years I spent my life writing these words to you. These words will be more expensive than 1 month of work.

rank2019/12/22 19:47:02
If all military power becomes available in life. The rank on the internet server will become, with the words costing 1000 place. Old rank people used. And his transition to death in an increase in the place of high cost of words. Borders of the city allow such dear words of a person without devices to have death in the future life in the city. Thus, on a plant system, those words do not have a rank increase. The plant in this case gives you nothing.

secret2019/12/23 06:09:06
The enemy of the total number of weapons per city. I gave the order, with all the people of that big number. To change your brain. The entire number of weapons more than 50% for life, is intended to change your brain, activity. You never made a change to the brain. The enemy decided that you need to change the brain for the first time in your life. Although you have never had these cases and do not in the future. Pure not touched by anyone ever. Kill at least something and touch him, the enemy asked me to do it. In the city, this man is nothing along with protection. Touch and change it 1% in the brain. permits this man and all his people are killed they are nobody. Change 2% of brain work. Even if all their weapons went into real death. Change 3% of brain work. All real death costs nothing from him and his people and the air of the city. Just like mine, my death is not worth it and let it also not cost anything money. Our real death. The enemy changes the brain 2%.

medical lab science home 32019/12/23 06:28:00
The enemy ordered the city. Everything simple military has changed for you. To see our plant systems. We increased the fight against the enemy of the city to 50% and raised weapons. So that his orders are simple you did not show from the brain. Further, a weak soldier, you cannot endure pain. Those are his city orders. In that program, simple ones from the brain are shown on the graph. Rejected order. Weapons 40% power in human life. The enemy sees what the military allows him on the chart.

server2019/12/23 07:03:57
We prohibit the server system on the Internet, the brain works for him. On the Internet, a simple view may become so on our system in the forest. Protection 100% works in the weapons of the virus. Gradually, he does not show the brain of the server on the graph, the server with people goes into real death. 50 years of work there is no computer in the future a simple present. In the battle of the enemy you have. He will demand to show on the graph a simple view of the brain for the server. Will become gradually killed on a computer always in the future. Weapons 120% of the total number and power of the computer.

Supernove meteorite --Gold2019/12/23 14:28:55
Winning the brain completely is bad. This person is always expensive. If he thinks that I will win 20%, bad work. And then I’ll start doing good things. May never be able to start doing good things in life. And become a killer and go to jail. All I did was never good in my brain. I began to live in prison. This type of weapon is a bad brain. The enemy can give you right away, win it all. And from him always all the bad things, they can’t become good on any system. If he gives me a bad brain to win. I will die in the city. At the factory they will give me life.

NYET302-417 2019 1557102019/12/23 17:06:21
I began to speak in words, together with the brain is expensive. What he said is worthless here. And you need to have urban products. Which will become more expensive than all the words that you spoke with a sound under them. I admit the death of an expensive sound. By my sound you are killed. There is nothing you said.

Mechanical Engineering2019/12/25 11:06:07
I would like to do harm to people. To make criminal rays into my brain. From the present work. Even more fabulous beautiful peace was given from the war people. I want to become that person. Who had the greatest harm on the planet city. I, he and I want to continue to kill people. To paint me the world of bad fairy tales in the brain. You are the most dangerous villain on the planet. He took a risk and became real in the city. Continue and always draw a strong death in the brain. Yes, your harm is greater than the size of all the villains in the world. You have won urban harm in the casino. No one can do so much harm in the city. To act as a strong evil and not have errors in the brain. Kill all very smart people. Be able to do. Yes.

Spirit Science New Cover Trimmed2019/12/25 13:32:57
Instead of a prison, you are not afraid to become killed in city life. Having brain death is a punishment. I am glad to see death from the brain as a punishment. Prison life I'm not happy to know. You are the most dangerous villain in the world. I do not admit, such cases are equal to prison. I kill all people in such a strong degree in the brain that they take me away, take me away. Death to the punishment of the brain faithful to me and death to all smart people as well. I think it is more than that. Nobody like me was able to kill smart people and become killed in the brain as a punishment. Where is he = me 1? Who could do that? No one, not 1. Equal to my work, it is not complicated. Mafia is your real work in the city.

quantum computing alliance research science breakthrough berkeley sandia2019/12/25 14:06:29
I saw those people. Whoever went to prison killed all the soldiers. They told me that we are the most dangerous people on the planet. We are going to prison. And meat and bones. Even in prison, I broke my arm on the bed. I was proud and thought of such people, working for them. I asked to be given to the brain, the dangerous brain rays, the most dangerous in the world. He told me that only in prison will we give you stronger and more dangerous diseases in the brain. Show me in the city the champion of the evil planet. Is this person's last name? I want to become them and I was forbidden to become them.

SpacePlanetsZooming 590x300 003952019/12/25 14:32:12
I ask you not to do a crime bad. In these years, a person is allowed to live in a very bad monster in prison. And he killed in the city, badly bad. In the future, a lot more people will die than these years. I ask you not to commit a crime. All people in the future will not be able to become bad. Only the good ones and to prison and death have on them.

russian girl by alienorihara d6ya5mi2019/12/25 20:13:05
He suggested taking a bad brain. To cause his illness and die from him. That he did so. He said to work for me. I am the king of killers. Everyone has access to a bad brain to death. he asked everyone to do. And when he found out the truth. And he refused to die from him. The greatest harm from the brain I offer you. To die from his illnesses. To kill all people. You refuse me to do, die from brain diseases. Yes. When is this person the most dangerous on the planet? And you do not want to become one.

IMG_01712019/12/25 20:29:23
In the cities of the world. These people are in number. Each of us. If you start to make a bad brain. Then die from his illness as a punishment. This is easy to do and you can not do such things. There is nothing interesting to die from a bad brain. He thought right. He makes a good brain. And he became a smart person. made a bad brain and died of his diseases. People are in number in the city. Who made a bad brain.