Dear guests of the website. I warmly congratulate you on the New Year. This holiday is universal for all. He is known in every home. Honor the memory of him. From a generation of relatives, to a new generation of relatives. Ancient knowledge about the new year, about kinship, in the family is transferred.
I'm ready to raise a glass of champagne. Created may be for the celebration on January 1. Together with you at the table. Such dear people. They can say their own words. Instead of my words. What will I tell you here?
new life
Beautiful christmas tree at home. Ornaments, toys on it hang. The red star at the top stands. The lights of the electric light flash. Bright crackers, fireworks. Gifts to your beloved people under cotton wool at the bottom of the spruce. Spruce with needles on branches.
simply man
I am ready to give you, people close to me. Desire to work in a factory that is intended to improve the construction of buildings in the city. I hope you like my gift.
Beautiful New Year's Eve 2018 January 1. In the courtyard of the houses there is an explosion of fireworks. They can be seen from the window of the house, bright lights sparkle outside the window. On the TV, pleasant transfers are broadcast. Sounds great music on the radio.
January 1, 2018. We rest from the celebration of the new year. Clean the kitchen. Relax from alcohol. Lie in a bed longer than the time. On January 2, probably the usual day came.

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