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I show respect to your relatives. Together we spent long hours in the evening at home. We also ate food. We slept in the same house together on different beds. We watched television programs. A family photo album was rarely considered, told about who is depicted on the photos of a relative name. They bought products to eat at home, in the store.
You bought a ticket for the bus. I want to drink carbonated water coca-cola. Want to eat lunch in a cafe, in a convenient for you day.
new life
I'm glad you came. They opened the computer. Found me on the Internet. Read me on the website. It's a great achievement that you could do this. From the future of simple work on the Internet. A great achievement is equal to the cost of 5000$.
simply man
Doing my word orders. Your own word orders. Execution of my work with you. Execution of your own work with yourself.
You read the text, containing the words that I wrote to you. Your brain is getting smarter. From reading my words. New phrases and sentences begin to speak.
2 jan
What an amazing grandfather in your family. Dad and mother are joyful. The son and daughter look at their eyes. Grandma is happy to meet you in a close circle of friends.
All the whole kind of work. Work, the profession of people in the city, easy, simple to perform duties. All kinds of disease, the whole type of diseases in a person, different severity classes of the disease. Pleasant, happy for treatment are in a person, for the improvement of disease prevention, do not have complications for the future life of a person.
I thought in my childhood that I was the first and best, best of all friends. When I became an adult, I realized that I had achieved success in business. I also realized that as a child I was the worst person and was worse than all friends, I did not achieve anything in business.
Live communication with me. You check if I do bad deeds. And I went to bad things to do. Because you found a test of bad deeds. You began to evaluate a person to admit taking into account bad deeds. Is it suitable for him to read it here.
It is required to discuss a person's working career with computer people. You should say about refusal or prohibitive work with computer people. If a person is prohibited from working in a new company. Buy a car or an apartment, move to a new city to live.
send words
Stability and predictability in city holidays, all citizens have on holiday. On this sunny day I wish happiness and fun to all the tourists, guests of our city. Among all people together, common, our words sound more than reasonable?
It does not matter whether you have big money or no money. I have a profit from brain work. People produced at the city factory, products. My brain work is connected with the profit from urban products. I ask you to give me part of the profits, from the fact that the factory people produced the products.
Everyone has a different profession of work, activity. Separated from others, strangers, all people. Brain activity with that labor, may not be surprising. With that, we are all different people, there is nothing interesting in this.
An old brain and a new brain. Important orders for a new brain. Can have all the profits for the work. Old brain, can say bad words. There is no equipment from the brain plant, which will cure the old brain. We all live in the city.
mava ti mava
Congratulations to all of you with the new year 2019. May all your desires for great work, a big brain be fulfilled. Will come true. We worked a lot this year. And we wish all our labors to multiply in the coming year. I wish you happiness, comfort and enjoyment on this holiday, common to all people.
Happy birthday to you. Let this day that all people know the planets. All your city desires will be fulfilled. And all people will listen to you.
wave form
Congratulations, you are husband and wife. Wish you have kids. Together you sleep in the same bed, have less pain from sex. Allow children to watch the computer, do body cleaning with their hands. All relatives came to your wedding in the number. The relationship is better created for the next year between them.
I bought from a tourist company, rest near the sea. We are family to fly away by plane, rest for 1 month. Will the computer work? Heavy buy system in another country. Handling a crime because you did not buy the system.
We arrived by car in the village, to the grandmother and grandfather. We give them money, buying food in the store. ---------- --------------- ----- Grandmother gave us mushrooms and chicken meat on the way back home. We will buy firewood for the winter, stoke the stove, for your money.
Pure mind, clean head. Defense, protection of her. The crimes are yours. The computer man said he ruined everything for you. Ready to send a city letter.
I can’t send you mail, come by car to visit you. But I can call a friend. We work on the orders of a friend. We work for him.
Dear internet friends. I wish you a new year, global. Who speak on the radio. 1 time to make a holiday at home. Sit at the table. And 2 times to never celebrate. Soon we will become old people. We do not need to buy urban products. For 70 years, we haven’t bought anything for the house once. We have never celebrated a birthday in the family.
Completion of work before the new year. All our activity is stopped. Now we are sitting and resting. We are waiting for the clock of all our server people to start giving the new year 2020. Someone is relaxing at home, with family. Someone among friends, fun, holiday. And not a single person works. This person works in a dangerous profession. Send him the words in the brain. Write here words, add popularity. Real, expensive, rare, best in the world, my dangerous work.
holiday new year
Knowledge of the city, the greatest professional. I would like to read in the city. Because I will never work for them. And he is the best person for me. I believe that every server should have a professional. Then I read his words.
I want to live on this planet. I want to become a living universe, I am one man. Fulfill the orders of God to change, houses, buildings, land, trees. You became equal to me in the creation of the planet.
change line